Join us a practice!!


Led Primary class


Practice the entire primary serie according to guide and count. You can participate without worrying about a sequence . Do it with your own comfort and enjoyment without comparing it with those around you.

(Anyone can join.)


Mysore Class 


This is a Mysore style practice method that is performed according to your own breathing. Please feel free to enter the room so that the start time will end to practice until the time table of class by your own time. Please take a good rest and be free to leave the room.



Led Primary Class

18:30~20:00 第2月曜日

Mysore Class

18:30~20:00 第4月曜日


問い合わせ 090-6497-0942 菅野


*初めてお越しの方は開始15分前にお越しください。(必要事項などをお知らせ致します。)*体調不良、治療中、妊娠中、出産後すぐの方は 事前にご連絡下さい。



* you are coming for the first time, please come 15 minutes before the start.
* If recovering from injury, surgery, currently pregnant, post-pregnancy, or any other physical issues and concerns, please call in advance.  080-6491-3645

* When the practice begins, we have with an empty stomach . Please refrain from eating less than 2 hour before the practice.

* Free rental yoga mats are available . Please bring your own rugs and bath towels during yoga.

 * Please bring comfortable clothes for yoga.

Class Fee

     Drop In         ••••••••••••  ¥2000

     Monthly  Ticket   •••••••  ¥12000 

(1カ月間どのクラスにも参加可能で1カ月間有効•You can participate any classes while a month on valid for 1 month)


    3 Classes Ticket  ••••••   ¥5000

         (1ヵ月間有効•Valid for 1 month)


     5 Classes Ticket   •••••••  ¥8000

          (2カ月間有効•Valid for 2 month)


     10classes Ticket  ••••••• ¥15000

          (3カ月間有効•Valid for 3 month)

Payment Cash & PayPay only